Thursday, May 8, 2014

College Fashion Post Link Up: Eleanor and Park

Its always a fantastic moment when you realize that you're just making life hard for yourself, and there's a far easier method of conducting things than what you had originally anticipated. Case in point: after agonizing for a week over having to find time in my schedule to read a new book for an upcoming College Fashion post, but woefully unable to come across a title suitably interesting, well-known or relevant, I was mindlessly scrolling through my Twitter feed and came across a message about Rainbow Rowell's recent movie deal, where her standalone romance Eleanor and Park was acquired by Dreamworks. And thus, Eureka! I no longer had to expend quite so much effort, having read this book before. (Go Team Me.) In the end, I think I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, being that I essentially wrote the whole thing in one day while also suffering from some emotional upheaval and also being tasked with creating a vital asset to our sorority's Recruitment in the same weekend. If anything, this sweet story of love, and what it takes to fight for it, probably injected some much-needed hope into my schedule. At the very least, it gave me some pretty kick-ass musical accompaniment inspiration. 
So, check out my College Fashion post dealing with looks inspired by one of YA's newest darlings - and the darling romance that she created - right now! (Or, you know, check out the looks inspired by her other YA standalone, Fangirl!) Just to entice you further, how about a sneak peek of my favorite outfit from the article, styled around the concept of making the '80s fresh again, and based off of the 1986 time stamp on the narrative of Eleanor and Park

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