Thursday, May 22, 2014

College Fashion Post Link Up: Alice in Wonderland

 I've been such a good little worker bee lately... well, kind of. At the very least, I've been paying more attention to planning more efficiently, and now, I've found myself with about 70% of my College Fashion posts through 2015 all sorted out! No more struggling through new reads or scrambling to find old ones through which I may interpret new trends in fashion. Instead, nothing but blue skies and easy reading... right? Right?

Alas, such smooth seas were never my lot. I had originally envisioned setting out to write my Alice in Wonderland article - something I've been planning on doing ever since I landed the column-writing position in the first place, last November! - armed with multiple sources, plenty of time on my hands, and a lot of forethought going into the development of one of my favorite literary works. Unfortunately what resulted didn't even allow me the oft-sought chance of even rereading the source material. Stale inspiration and a tight writing schedule resulted in not as much enthusiasm as I would have hoped for in translating such a personally important piece to my College Fashion audience.

And yet, for the most part, I'm decently happy with the results. Or, at the less-personally-involved objective level, my younger sisters approved of it, so at least I know the fashion aspect of it is decent. Undoubtably, there are many aspects of the article I would rather have done contrariwise, like take more inspiration from specific characters, or have the opportunity to integrate more Alice-expert trivia and shoutouts into the looks, but at the very least, I'm proud I got something in by deadline that comes even a hare-width close to the look I was trying to give Wonderland (hare-width, get it?). With any luck at all, the article will be a come-from-behind victory for me, and give me a chance to re-do with an "Alice in Wonderland: Part Two," but we'll have to wait and see if that's anywhere in the cards.

At any rate, here's my favorite look from the Looks from Books: Fashion Inspired by Alice in Wonderland article, riffing off of the various height transformations Alice goes through to result in a look that appropriately mixes the tall and large, with the short and small.
Read the rest of the article here, then tell me what you think! 

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