Saturday, May 17, 2014

Character Carry-alls: The One


Just wanted to forewarn you that the content ahead serves as a spoiler for some of the events of The Selection and The Elite, from The Selection series by Kiera Cass, so if you're invested in potentially reading that series at all, then stop where you are! 

So, recently, I finished Kiera Cass' The Selection trilogy-ender The One, and while I didn't necessarily enjoy it, it is indisputable that my mixed-up brain must have liked at least something, due to the fact that I read the whole damn series with a rather exponential amount of urgency upon the publications of each installment. However, the series is over now, and despite the fact that the review is written and the only work I have left are some meager novellas I don't think I'm going to read, I can't seem to let this one go just yet. You see, I've had a new feature idea I've been meaning to try... 

Y'all know my background isn't just in books... I'm a style writer, as well, having written the "Looks from Books" column on College Fashion for about a year-and-a-half now! So, in looking for a new way to explore fiction and fashion, I thought to myself, what do our favorite characters carry with them, as they're living through all these adventures? Hence, "Character Carry-Alls" was born! 

So, in celebrating Maxon's four favorite girls at the center of the intrigue of The One, let's take a peek into their purses! 

First up, CELESTE lives for the attention afforded by being one of the final four, so why not give her a behemoth of a bag, in the form of a gold Valentino snakeskin studded tote. A sparkling Jimmy Choo wallet and Louisa Viaroma sunglasses add luxe touches to an already luxe girl, while smudge-less brick red lip tar from Obsessive Compulsive cosmetics brings the drama. And, of course, homegirl packs her own copies of her precious magazines, and the lifestyles popularized by Vogue and Town & Country would probably remind her of home. 

Second, our heroine AMERICA is one more for the understated look, which is why a regular-sized white chain crossbody from Guess would suit her just fine. Never one for getting over-complicated, a pair of sleek aviators and cherry-flavored Chapstick are all America needs to complete her going-out necessities. A snarky phone case brings out America's rebellious side, while if there's anyone on the Elite who would pack a pair of sensible shoes in her purse, it's the girl who asked for a pair of jeans her first day in the castle. 

Lovely KRISS has always been one for a sunny disposition and cheery demeanor, so a pink and gold embellished bag highlights her girlishness. Packed with a watermelon Lancome Juicy Tube and a pack of super-fresh Orbit gum, Kriss preps for winning over the public with her smile, while a Vera Bradley notebook is perfect for writing about daily life in the Castle. While the other three opt for shady sunnies, Kriss highlights her bright eyes with Bobbi Brown's "Pretty Powerful" mascara

Finally, understated and sophisticated ELISE makes wearing your heart on your sleeve so last season, and her no-nonsense demeanor easily translates to a patent black Vivienne Westwood top-handle bag. Prepared for everything that comes her way, Elise comes equipped with large-and-in-charge tortoiseshell sunnies, YSL shimmery nude lip gloss and Butter London's "All Hail the Queen" nail polish for quick touch ups on the go, and, naturally, an emergency pair of statement earrings... just in case. There's honor in looking good for everything. *wink* 

So, what do you think of this new feature? What do you think Maxon's girls carry in their purses? And whose purse do you want a peek in next? 

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