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I have always been enamored with planners, since I discovered the stickers in the back of my first Hello Kitty brand faux-Filofax back in Montessori school. Of course, I had nothing to write in it, due to the fact that I was about seven years old, but whenever I saw it positioned alongside my Lisa Frank diary on my dresser, it just felt right. 

Nowadays, I'm awfully picky about my planners. I always thought it was just a weird quirk of mine... until I got around to sharing my funny habit on the Internet! Now, I've found that there are women across blogging platforms - and even onto YouTube! - who love addressing their paper agendas as much as I do, and honestly? It's kind of hard to shut up about it. 

Here, I've collected my major planner-oriented posts into one spot, through a series I like to call "Planner-ed Out Perfect." I hope you'll take the time to explore this little hobby of mine, and that you love reading about it as much as I love writing about it. 

note: simply click on the image alongside each post description, and it will take you right to it! Happy planning! 


As I embarked on my Junior Year of college, I realized that I was looking for a little something more out of my planner.

 My undergrad career was ramping up, and I needed an organizational system that could keep up with all my scholastic and sorority planning needs, which I just wasn't getting from the cheap planners I had the tendency to pick up from Target last minute, alongside the rest of my school supplies. So, like every other blogger would do in my shoes, I took to the Internet! 

However, what I ended up bringing into the school year with me, may shock you. 

As it turns out, that original planner only ended up making it to the turn of the new year. That Fall, not only was I taking harder classes and more involved in Sigma Kappa than ever before, but I ran for - and was elected to - the University of Washington Panhellenic Executive Board, and also completed my first NaNoWriMo challenge! 

Needless to say, I was going to need a planner that really meant business if I was going to keep up. I wanted something stylish, but serious, with plenty of room for an ever-changing daily to-do list. Thankfully, after a very fruitful search, I found my planner love connection! 

I had found my planner soul-mate, and after six months with it, hopelessly in love, I was ready to tell the world. 

It's probably my most short planner post thus far, because even though I was blinded by romance, I could still tell that saying "IT'S THE BEST' more than three paragraphs in a row was probably not the content you're looking for. 

What you can get out of this post, was a glance at the seasonal calendars I also used to organize each Quarter of school, as well as my burgeoning puppy love for decking out my Day Designer's pages with stickers and washi tape. Little did I know, by the end of that year, I would be a full-grown planner decorating fiend. 

The start of 2016 provided a great reason to check in on whether my affection for the Day Designer had lasted into the new year. Spoiler alert: not only was my idolship of Whitney English still very much in effect, but I had turned my younger sister, Delaney - newly elected  President of her sorority chapter - into a convert, too! 

I was also getting majorly into blinging out my daily spreads with all manner of decorative goodness. Now that my run on Panhell Exec was drawing to a close, I swapped my slightly more understated Aqua Shell cover for a Painterly Stripes pink, and filled it with florals and gold accents galore, including a sticker set I used daily that still is very important to me. 

I'm making my way through 2016, and I'm tempted to dub it "The Year of the Bullet Journal"... aren't there any innovators in the real planner realm anymore?

The answer is "HECK YES!" Plenty of cool new paper agendas have made their grand debut this Fall, especially thanks to Target and their superstar collab with the Blue Sky Planner line.

And even beyond both of those new developments, I'm still loving stickers, washi tape, and more, especially when they make my already-glorious planner even more beautiful.

Keep your eyes peeled for a new planner post coming your way soon, featuring not just more planner decorations and goodies, but also diving into why my planner and journal have always been so important to me! 

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