Saturday, April 23, 2011

Interrupted Study Times

With my first of two AP subject tests coming up on the 6th, I should probably be studying right now. Instead, I've been sucked into the high drama world of Rosewood, where four fabulous falsifiers have been getting into quite a lot of trouble for eight full novels, while sucking down mugs full of couture hot chocolate. I may not have a good grip on all the study material, but hey, what can I say? These books are killer.

As in, they've been keeping me up at night, demanding to be read, forcing me to hide flashlights in various places around my room within easy reach of my loft bed, and giving me about an 11:30 pm bedtime. They took advantage of the fact that I had halfdays of school this week: I got through three of the books in that time. I know more about the high school hiearchy of Rosewood Day High School than I know about what we learned in PreCalc this week (just kidding. We never learn anything in PreCalc anyways :) ). However, I appreciate the series' soap-opera-esque status among YA novels, and I relished the experience of actually being able to READ, after being caught up in a time comsuming project for so insanely long: with that 100% A+ scrawled in red across the top of my Nancy Drew research paper (along with 3 stars, 3 smiley faces, a "wow!", a "yeah!", etc. scrawled throughout the paper as well), I am now free to pursue whatever literary series and stylings I so choose, and right now, I'm craving a whole load of drama, drama, drama, in a super-sugary format.

Thank you, Sara Shepard. Now that I've finished the last six books of the series within the space of a week, I may finally be able to concentrate on my APUSH study materials. Ha ha, yeah, right. :)