Review Policy

I accept review requests! I am open to working with various authors, literary agencies, publishers, and publicists, for the purposes of reviewing ARCs, finished copies, and backlist titles.

I do not accept self-published as a general rule; however, I have worked with independent authors before. If you really think your material is in my wheelhouse, I would like to know you a lot better before I read your material!

I will more than happily accept print copies and e-copies (that are compatible with Amazon Kindle), but print is given more of a priority.

Preferred genres: Non-fiction, Autobiography and Memoirs, Literary fiction, Historical fiction, Science Fiction and Fantasy, YA Fantasy.

Genres I don't usually review: Dystopian YA, Contemporary YA, Poetry, Suspense/Thrillers, Horror, Christian fiction.

All of my reviews are usually accompanied by a review on Goodreads, as well, and are thus fit into the typical 1 - 5 star formula used by that website, just not on the blog itself.

I fully reserve the right to refuse to review a book. I would also never change my typical reviewing style for the purpose of reviewing.

All books I review are purchased by me, rented through the library, or sent for reviewing purposes. All reviews are my opinion, are written by me, and are original. Please do not copy or redistribute without contacting me first.

Graphics are either contributed by me, or were found for free use on Tumblr or Google images, in which case, I will note their origin.

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