Friday, February 7, 2014

Bundled Up With a Book: How to Survive the Chilly Weather

{Found this on Pinterest this morning, and no amount of web sleuthing could find me a source... well, whoever had this clever sign posted outside their door, it's a good one! Congrats on your untitled Internet fame, fellow bookworm.} 

So, from what I gather from news outlets around the country, everything's a bit chilly right now, isn't it? I mean, when you live in Washington, and people are having even worse of a time with the weather than you are, it's a little extreme. Even here, we're in temperatures below freezing, without the novelty and aesthetic benefit of snow to even stall our shivering. You'd think that living in a house with over 100 people would result in some fun penguin huddles... but no. In fact, my sojourn home from college for the weekend is at least partially motivated by the fact that my house actually has central heating. 

While the rest of the country moans and groans, at least us bookworms can relish the abysmal weather as yet another reason to stay inside, curl up with a good book, and spend the day in a book-bound land far away. Then again, sometimes there are days when you maybe need to take a little break from books... whether its a book hangover or just lack of material, it's occasionally a good idea to take a vacation from your favorite form of brain vacations. But then, what are you supposed to do on chilly days like this? 

Here's some smart ideas on how to capitalize on the cold, and have a successful bookish day indoors! 

Make yourself a little book mascot! (and be careful in your choice of books, please: thrift store novels that are falling apart already are best!) 

Amp up an old scarf with your favorite quote! I've made these for my sister and for my Greek family for all sorts of occasions, and they're always a big hit! 

Personalize a favorite hardcover with an under-cover surprise (like Team Epic Reads did with Ignite Me on this week's episode of Tea Time)!

One can never have too many bookmarks, right? Take some inspiration from around the web for a new set! 

Or maybe you're looking to add some new material to your Goodreads TBR lists...

However you choose to spend your time indoors this weekend, here's to books, hot beverages, and a nice warm blanket! Happy reading! 

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  1. Such a cute post! Definitely going to check out some of these links :)