Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Worlds I'd Never Want to Visit

"Top Ten Tuesday" is a weekly countdown meme, hosted by the Broke and the Bookish

When I saw today's "Top Ten Tuesday" theme, I laughed a little bit, then shuddered. I, my dear friends, am a total and complete coward, and am not afraid to admit it, so the sheer fact that books are primarily motivated by conflict, and I hate conflict, there certainly weren't a dearth of fictional realms to consider as the timeshare from Hell. Without further ado, here are the places I would never, ever want to visit. Ever.

1. The Hunger Games' Panem
If I couldn't succeed in gym class, then how could I possibly survive in the Arena?

2. Alice's Wonderland
My homegirl Alice here has a world I love passing through via her books; however, little known fact about me: the Disney movie version terrified me to pieces as a kid, because I just couldn't wrap my head around the fact that nothing made sense, and that it was all so unfair.

3. Divergent's Chicago
Dystopian as a genre itself should probably be steered clear of when thinking about what sort of books you'd actually be able to survive in.

4. The moors of Wuthering Heights
Despite the initial murdering-every-character-upon-meeting-them-due-to-sheer-exasperation, I'd barely survive at all due to the unforgiving and desolate nature of the moors themselves. Get me the hell out of those heath and harebells, thankyouverymuch.

5. Oliver Twist's London
Depressing, gloomy, lonely and scared. This rough and dirty period of urbanization was both revered and hated by the illustrious Dickens, and his plights of the poor dissuade me from ever wanting to take a trip.

6. The world of Fahrenheit 451

7. Games of Thrones' Westeros
For reasons incredibly similar to The Hunger Games, I would not like to live in Westeros, due to the fact that I basically would have grown up and matured to the ripe old age of three before being hacked to bits in some coup and serving as collateral damage in a bid for the crown.

8. Basically anywhere involving zombies.
Does anything I've said so far make it sound like I can run fast?

9. Or vampires. 
I read Dracula in the sixth grade and still have to lock my windows and close my blinds before going to sleep at night.

10. And basically anytime set before the 20th century. 
Vaccinations. Central heating. Women's rights. Things I need that weren't all that up to snuff until recent centuries that I don't think I could really live without all that well, guys.

So, those are my Top Ten! What are yours? 

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