Thursday, January 2, 2014

Coming Attractions: January (and 2014!)

{Reminded of the beauty of the PNW while watching the sun set from the back of a ferry to Whidbey Island; Celebrating the season with my siblings; Finally exposing my Big to the wonder that is Stadium High School} 

Well, this time, not only has a month sped by and away all too quickly - come back, Christmas!- but now, we're not only in a whole new month, but a whole new year (which you've probably been alerted to, due to copious Instagram flipbooks of a year of memories and a countdown of virtually everything on every form of media, or you may have forgotten entirely, due to an overzealous attack on the New Year via the last night of the old one). 

As Goodreads has alerted me, I did a lot of reading in 2013: 64 books worth, 14 more than my original goal of 50! My overwhelming accomplishment to that end requires a little revision for my plan for this new year's reading... whereas I would originally plan to tackle 65 new titles, to completely obliterate the challenge set by the previous year, I instead restrained myself to setting a challenge of 55 books

This year, I have some new Reading Resolutions:
  •  to read by value, not just by volume;
  •  to explore all genres, not just the ones I feel comfortable with; 
  • and to always go the extra mile for a good book. 

With all that said, the blog is going to be growing in the coming year, as well, and I'm still a contributing editor over at College Fashion (in fact, my latest article, on Jane Austen's Emma, marks my full year as a writer! Woo hoo!). Here's to another great year with some really great reads! 

Welcome to 2014! 

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