Wednesday, January 29, 2014

College Fashion Post Link Up: Howl's Moving Castle

Sometimes, you just need a little magic in your life. And let's face it: this gloomy Seattle rain is pretty much the least inspiring thing for me right now, not with the pace of the quarter picking up, and plans for the summer being made, and my Biggie moving all the way to Manchester, England (with their own kind of gloomy rain) for Study Abroad until Fall. I've had a pretty rough time of it this past week, which is why I've been so surprised of the reception of this past College Fashion article. 

I've actually been so swamped recently that I totally forgot I had anything coming out today that I was pleasantly surprised to see my Dad linking to it on Facebook (he's always better at keeping track of these things). So I followed the link, gave the article my customary one-over of approval, and went to check my email to see if there had been any comments. I almost threw up when I saw there had been eight. EIGHT. EIGHT OF THEM. IN AN HOUR AND A HALF.

Since then, in the three-and-a-half hours since the article has been posted, there have been 13 comments posted to the article. In the very prime of my "Looks from Books" articles - when novelty was matched with time and patience, the former of which has long run dry after a year of posts, and the latter two dwindling far more rapidly on my part - I had, on average, about 12 an article, and a cap of 17 individual positive comments on one article, most of them having occurred overnight. I am incredibly curious to see what numbers this article rounds out to... 

At any rate, I'm just glad to see the college girls of the world all enjoy a great fairy tale. Here's my favorite look from the article, based off of Sophie's curse from the Witch of the Waste:
To find out more, just follow the link to my most recent College Fashion article.
Let me know what you think! 

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