Thursday, July 3, 2014

College Fashion Post Link Up: Anne of Green Gables

I've already displayed some of my mother's more agonizing habits in recent posts - like her distaste for one particular book of my choosing, with The Devil in the White City - but don't let me lull you into thinking that her displeasure is strictly reserved for the scandalous. She has a pretty sharp disregard for what you'd assume would be innocent and innocuous things as well, like Micheal Cera. And, as it was recently revealed to me, L.M. Montgomery's childhood classic, Anne of Green Gables. 

Her argument lies in the declaration that Anne is too saccharine and chirpy for her tastes; however, despite the fact that I was raised to dislike the main character, I somehow found the book - and its sequels - in my possession when I looked among the family bookshelves, and after more than one request from CF readers, I figured, why not actually see if it's as bad as she says?

All in all, I found myself to be pleasantly surprised.

Perhaps I'm a bit of a sucker for the whole "moralistic pastoral children's stories with strong heroines thing" - that's totally a thing, right? It's totally a thing - but I really enjoyed it. I loved the setting of Avonlea, and I wished I grew up with a friend like Diana Barry, and yes, even Anne, came off as a very smart and capable girl (once she finally stopped talking). I actually plan on reading her further adventures once I've quite recovered from these recent ones.

And, you know, the fact that the novels were Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton's favorites growing up, that didn't sway my opinion by any means.

Check out my favorite outfit, inspired by Anne's affinity for flowers, as well as plenty more floral and fun summer looks in my latest College Fashion "Looks from Books" article!


  1. For as much as I love the movies, I can't believe I've never read the books. Perhaps I'll put them on by summer TBR list (as if it's not big enough already!)

  2. I am currently rereading Anne of Green Gables! What a fun pick for "Looks from Books."