Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Coming Attractions: July

{a fruity and fun desktop wallpaper for the month of July, from one of my favorites, Oana Befort!

I'm emotionally torn: on one hand, it feels like school's been out for forever, and I miss my sorority sisters, and I kind of miss homework, and I'm unbearably jealous of The Cheerleader, who got to spend all of yesterday and all of today on the UW campus for her Orientation... but on the other, more important side, I'm constantly reminded, it's summer, you nitwit! Climb a tree, get sick on Push Pops and unbaked cookie dough, and cherish the precious few moments of sunlight we see here in Washington! As a couple of wise men once said, "Summer... it's like the world's best story, and it's waiting to be told."

(Phineas and Ferb. They said that. I watch a lot of Disney Channel for a twenty-year-old.) 

At any rate, I've got a lot more living to do in these fine bright months, and a lot more work to do, be it Daffodil or the blog, besides. Hopefully Savannahbot is solar-powered during the summer, because I'm sure planning on spending a lot of time outside (with sunblock, of course... and a book). Happy July! 


{"Finishing strong, like Marshawn" with Skittles during Finals week; The Cheerleader finally graduated high school!; The Ballerina tackles three different acts in her middle school Talent Show}

these are a few of my favorite links...

1. Team Epic Reads tackles the tender feelings of a book hangover with this hilarious PSA video, "When the Words Stop." 

2. And speaking of the Team, here's another video, about a specific Book Nerd Problem I am near constantly prey to (and one I unfortunately often find in myself, too!), involving Unhelpful Recommendations. 

3. Alternately dreading/anxiously anticipating/pumping yourself up for the impending premiere of The Giver this upcoming August 15th? Here's what the author, Lois Lowry herself, has to say about its upcoming twenty year anniversary. 

4. During the ongoing Amazon v. Hatchette and "YA shame" debates taking place in the media recently, it was only a matter of time before mass media mogul and bookworm Stephen Colbert put his two cents in, during a conversation with John Green. 

5. Everyone knows I love a good "Out of Print" tee... but I may have gone a bit into overload when I saw their new exclusively Sci Fi collection! "Don't Panic," indeed. 

quote of the month

Girl | via Tumblr
{Calamity Jane makes for a pretty good Summer Spirit Animal, don't you think? Time to go tackle all those big plans I've been making this Spring, and get the job done!} 

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