Sunday, July 27, 2014

Happy (Belated) Fourth Blog Birthday (To Me)!

Momentous occasion, friends from the Blogosphere! 'Tis, indeed, Playing in the Pages' Fourth Birthday!

Well, at least it was four days ago, on the 24th. But hey, better late than never, right?

Looking back to the very dawn of embarking upon this project - for the love of all that is printed in black and bound in hardcover, please don't go read my first post - I can't really say what I thought would come of it all. At the time, I was enchanted with the format and style of fashion blogs, like Cupcakes and Cashmere and Who What Wear Daily, which I followed rigorously, and both of which have come a long ways since 2010, as well.

I was completely unaware of any kind of book blogging community in place at the time - in fact, the more active parts of this network I care about so much were only really discovered within the past two years or so - and I primarily saw this experience as a means of furthering my reading goals, and developing additional writing skills (hence, why you should not read my first post... it's pretty bad).

However, not only have I made it my own, but it has revealed opportunities for me in places I would never have thought to look: into a position as a columnist for College Fashion (I position I have proudly held for over the past year), on the receiving end of free books in the form of ARCs and giveaways, etc. As one of my longest and most unique personal accomplishments, it stands out on my resume, and I maintain it was a solid chunk of extracurricular in my corner come college application time.

Granted, my little book of the internet has its flaws.... I've never been able to post quite as regularly as I've wanted to, never been able to invest the time necessary to ensure it grew, never told many people about it. However, I can seriously say that I see something worth celebrating. 

And you can bet this Blog Birthday came with its fair share of presents: a veritable downloading blitz of new reading material, a trip to two of my favorite places - the library and Trader Joes (I lead an exciting life) - and, most excitingly, four prizes perfectly suited for a fourth birthday, issued from the back corners of my new favorite bookstore on 6th Ave... four new-to-me-Nancy Drews, first editions from the '30s and '40s!

Unfortunately, the celebration didn't necessarily come together how I would have liked it, due to a College Fashion post due tomorrow (and coming up on the blog on Wednesday) that has been giving me trouble, but now that it is squared away, I can FINALLY... tackle more of a 8 million things on my to-do list right now.

Well, it was fun while it lasted, celebrating something that itself has lasted quite a while. Onwards to the Fifth! 

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