Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Where'd You Go, Savannah? My Unexpected September Hiatus in Photo Form

So, I think we need to talk. Mainly, so I can explain why the relative radio silence since the tail end of August!

The short story is, life just got in the way of blogging for a little bit: my family went on quite a litany of vacations, then came Sorority Recruitment at the University of Washington - in which I played a pretty pivotal role, as both a member of the Panhellenic Executive Board, as well as an RC - and before you knew it, school was starting up again, and my Senior Year was in full swing before I had even managed to buy my textbooks.
Oh give me land, lots of land...

But here's the thing: it's one thing, for me to tell you this all happened... which rings a little bit too close to making an excuse for me to be wholly comfortable with. However, if I could show you how it all was... that makes us more like friends. Right?

(No, I won't show anyone's faces, Dad. Always be safe on the Internet!)

So, here is my photo documentation of some of the crazy things that consumed my September, and a fraction of my October. Hopefully, 1. It makes up for the fact that I pulled a bit of a disappearing act, and 2. You all like nature pics, because that will account for about half of this post.

(Case in point: see accompanying screenshot of my Camera Roll on my iPhone. And yes, all of these photos were taken with my iPhone.)

So, wanna see Yellowstone?

Check out the difference in color between the hot springs in front of us, and the blue water in the lake beyond!

What can I say? I'm hilarious on Snapchat. Also, after seeing your 800th buffalo in the span of three days, you get a little jaded.

Let me ride through the wide open country that I love...

Alien wasteland or another example of Earth's weird topography? Check out the white "socks" on the trees... 

Ooh, waterfall. Not pictured: the accompanying rainbow.
 So, basically, Yellowstone combined all of the jaw-dropping beauty of nature at its most gorgeous, dry, and sunny, with the absolute crippling discomfort of severe altitude sickness. Wyoming was beautiful, but the thirteen-hour road trip to get there? Not so much. I don't know if I'd go again any time soon, but maybe when I have kids or something down the line... that sort of an experience really builds character.

And by "experience," I'm talking about the fact that we basically had no wifi or cell reception.

Meanwhile, goings-on were already going on in Seattle, deep in preparation for Fall Formal Recruitment for NPC Sororities at the University of Washington. By the time I got back, it was already time for Work Week to begin, and soon enough, I was thrust deep into that yearly gauntlet of late nights, and crying girls, with this year's special twist... four solid days of insane rain. I may have been making jokes outside of chapter houses that we were appointing a committee to build an ark.

Thankfully, Bid Day arrived, beautiful and clear, and I was able to make my triumphant return back to my lovely ladies of Sigma Kappa!

A part of the outside decor of our Dr. Seuss-themed house. "One friend, Two friend, Old Friend, New Friend!" 
And here's the inside! Or at least part of it. Not pictured: our beautiful "Welcome Home" banner for all of us RCs! 

Not part of Bid Day, but still worth mentioning: All of my Sigma Kappa ladies participating in the Annual Walk to End Alzheimer's in Issaquah! (Way to go on that creepy looming fog, Washington.)
So, there's the only documentation I have that I haven't been shirking the blog on purpose. Thankfully, it seems like life is starting to normalize at least a little bit, and I swear I'll be posting regularly again soon... after I get back from going to Vegas for the weekend, of course.

To the straggling few: thank you for sticking with me, and I've got a new blog post coming up for you tomorrow!

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