Sunday, May 24, 2015

Three Day Weekend: Link Love

Hope you're all enjoying your three day weekend! I, for one, have already forgotten Saturday ever happened, and keep questioning my own grip on chronological progression every time I look at yesterday's jam-packed page in my planner. Here's to taking a little bit of time out of your busy afternoon, to check out some awesome things from around the web this week! 

Another season, another brilliant paintball episode from Community. This one was a more involved send-up to spy movies, but the highlight, for me, was a homage of the already-iconic Captain America: Winter Soldier elevator scene.

If classic literature is the perfect jumping off point for new inspirations, then why not check out these journals, themed around classic works of literature. Look closely: the lines you write on are made up of the actual texts from the works that inspired them! 

I've never been exactly quiet about my girl crush on Mindy Kaling, but her new partnership with bestie BJ Novak for a book collaboration is fully deserving of a pterodactyl screech of victory. 

For the grammar grumbler in your life, we have the perfect coffee mug. 

You an espresso fanatic? Check out "Coffee Cups of the World" on Instagram!

You like last time's "Times are New Roman" tee shirt, but looking for something a bit bolder? Maybe Helvetica is more your style

I am the biggest Buzzfeed procrastiner... every time something important is due, you know where to find me. This recent listicle, involving "16 Libraries You Have to See Before You Die," proved a suitable distraction... but I can't say I don't think it's missing something (namely, UW's Suzallo Reading Room!) 

The hashtag #IReadYA absolutely killed it on Twitter this past week. Check out some really great reasons fellow YA lovers have for the popularity of this genre! 


  • What I've been obsessing over: the newest season of Bachelorette has officially started, in all its drunken, sloppy glory, and thankfully, my threats to punch out our sorority television did not have to come to fruition, because Kaitlin is officially our Bachelorette! 
  • What I've been noshing on: Ellenos Greek Yogurt. If you live in the Seattle area,you've probably already sampled this addictive, filling, delectable treat. (If you don't live in the Seattle area, why the hell not?) 
  • What I've been viewing: SORTED Food on YouTube. Four British hunks cooking delicious food and being generally adorable? Yes. 

What good reads have you seen on the feeds this week? How are you spending the three day weekend? Who are you remembering this Memorial Day? Let me know, in the comments below! 

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