Friday, August 1, 2014

Coming Attractions: August

{A sunny and seasonal August wallpaper for your desktop; this time, from Oh So Lovely!}

Holy moly, has this month been a doozy. For starters, I've dyed my hair (no pics until next month's "Coming Attractions" posts, though!), and I've been working at the Daffodil offices quite a bit. I've done my fair share of cooking, and I managed to get a scorching sunburn, before we've even managed to make it to California. And - *conspiratorily lowers voice* - I've got a major project in the works for the coming year, and we're making some major headway right now! 

(There's only so much I can tell you now. I feel like a spy!)

Still, we've only got one more month of summer left... almost exactly, being that I'm due back on the UW campus on the 31st to prepare for Sorority Recruitment. But I've got so much more left to do before that! I'm talking more work done for Daffodil - getting pumped for the Military Parade on the 16th! -  getting everything in order for shifting back into college mode, vacations in Sun River, OR, and Disneyland, and maybe even getting some new things written along the way. It's time to pack as much fun as I can in to thirty days... watch me go! 


{Summer means making up your own holidays; Sorority family weekend at my house results in - what else? - mason jar crafts; Tea time is all the time, especially with family}

these are a few of my favorite links

1. Feeling a little bit of wanderlust... but without a means of going anywhere? Take an afternoon trip to the Big Apple, with Refinery 29's list of "10 Books that Live the NYC Dream."

2. The impending school year has me looking for new ways to keep up with friends and reading habits alongside an even busier schedule... it's a good thing I've got Verily to tell me "How to Start Your Own Book Club."

3. Rounding out your summer with any cute crafts? I know I'm certainly not returning to my sorority empty-handed. Here Ella Claire has rounded up some sweet vintage-inspired fonts for summer! 

4. Because after writing the Nancy Drew College Fashion post, and getting four of the vintage books for my Blogger Birthday, but I'm really digging the idea of a Nancy Drew theme party, courtesy of Paging Supermom!

5. And just because it's summer and we all deserve a little something sweet now and then, how about the best banana bread recipe I've ever tasted, from 

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