Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snow Day Like Today :)

It snowed here on Sunday night.

The children watched the flakes fall past the window with glee, and studiously shirked all homework and responsibility in the anticipation of a snow day. However, the Public School System had different ideas.

Instead of a snow day, or even a 2 hour delay, school was in session as normal, and children all throughout the district grumbled. And I can't forget to mention the fact that the snow was so bad, that even though we still had to go to school, I wasn't allowed to drive. Instead, my sister (the cheerleader) and I had to wake up a full half-hour before we usually do to make it to the bus stop on time.

But lo and behold! Not long before we got to school, we noticed something of interest: It was snowing again! The day's temperature was not to get above 30 degrees, and it was snowing like crazy.

First period, Chemistry. Easy to concentrate in, because the windows are at the back of the class, but when our teacher left for a bathroom break, he came back to find us all climbing over desks and stuffing into windowsills to get a better look.

Second period, AP US History. Spent entire period halfheartedly taking notes, while watching the football stadium bleach out.

Third period, Journalism Class. After editing only about five articles, Heidi (co-editor) and I ditch the Macs, and spend the rest of the period taking cell phone photos of the snow-adorned cobwebs on the fire escape, the snow-topped flagpole, and the students sneaking off of the grounds to save their cars from thier icy prisons, and go home safely.

Fourth period, AP English. More half-hearted work. Looking out of the window has become a reflex every five minutes.

During lunch, we took more photos, and then learned some interesting news from a friend: Her school, which had already had a late start that morning, was now being released early! At 12:30!

How abominable of our school officials to keep us this long.

Fifth period, PreCalc, was when the good news finally broke: We were going to be released early. (But only 30 minutes early, pshah). Teachers officially give up trying to teach anything.

The end of the day bell finally rung, and the Cheerleader (whose head was smarting from an anonymous snowball) and I could finally go home.

Later that day, the School District wasted no time in calling and saying that today, school was going to be closed.

And that was the story of how I got out of both a PreCalc test and a Spanish project today.

And is also why I have time to write this much.

Anyways, I'm trapped inside, and I like it that way. However, a lazy day calls for lazy reading materials: Nancy Drews, and The Partridge Family's mystery books :) In other words, the stuff I read in the 3rd grade, accompanied with what my Dad calls the "fried pork rinds of literature".
I enjoy them (the books, not the pork rinds, ew). The Nancy Drews are lifelong favorites, and after finding a couple of the Partridge Family books from my Grandma a while ago, those have made their impact on me, too. It isn't that I learn anything in terms of value from either of them, and it isn't that they are great works of literature or anything, but they do their job. After drowning in a sea of symbolism and rhetoric at school every day, it's nice to read something... uncomplicated. Something you don't have to look too hard into. Which is nice.
All I can really say, is that I would have been in PreCalc, taking that test, right about now.

Happy Almost-Thanksgiving!

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  1. If you like Nancy Drew it's worth checking out the early editions. The versions we've all read--the yellow cover ones--are actually revised from the originals which were published in the 1930s. They're harder to find but the differences make for some interesting reading.