Friday, November 26, 2010

I'm Thankful For...

Whew. Thanksgiving is always a whirlwind, with food to make, and family to entertain, and plenty more balls to juggle. However, we do get through it each year, and each celebration is more fun than the next.

We were all thankful for plenty yesterday, but here's what I'm thankful for today: leftover food practically spilling out of the fridge, the new Harry Potter movie, having leftover Cranberry Pie for breakfast, and even more new books...

As it turns out, some of the family who came over yesterday also came bearing belated bday presents, and I got a new cookbook! Yay!

Also, my aunt had been cleaning out some old stuff in her house and found about 16 of my Mom's old Nancy Drew books from the '70s! Super Yay!

Not to mention that in that bag were some of my books as well, ones I had lent to my cousins. After approximately 3 years of wondering where the heck my copy of A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray had got to, I now have it back in my possession! I wonder if I will still think of it as one of my favorite books once I reread it...

Anyways, the day after Thanksgiving brings plenty with it to be thankful about as well.

Including the fact that now Thanksgiving is finally over with, ALL of the Christmas decorations go up, and cookie season begins :)

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