Friday, May 6, 2016

I'll Love You Forever, I'll Like You For Always: Mother's Day Presents, 2016 Edition!

Oh no... it's a Friday afternoon, and you've only just realized it: Sunday is Mother's Day! While not everyone schedules out their gifts a month in advance - I actually ordered my Mom presents so early, that my Dad and two younger siblings assumed that the holiday was LAST weekend - it might not look too good if you just show up with an Amazon gift card.

But no worries: I've got your back. Two years ago, I broke down the Mom population into several easy-to-pick Supermom categories, and now I'm back again, with plenty of titles and tie-ins to with which to flatter your favorite matriarchs!

For the Drama Mama

This mama thinks everything pairs best with glitter, wings out her liner farther than fashion allows, and always keeps an emergency outfit on hand... just in case. Her news source of choice may be E! Network, but it's only because she's looking to add a little bit of glitz to the time between community theater rehearsals and gabbing with the girl behind the Ulta counter. 
The Nest. by Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney, carries plenty of family theatrics on its own, but if she's looking for an even more dysfunctional household to peep on, why not the Playboy Mansion, with Down the Rabbit Hole, by Holly Madison? You can always follow them up with a gift that keeps going year-round, with a subscription to Glamour mag, or a bright change of morning routine with a Tarte 'tarteist' lip paint, or The Body Shop Body Butter.

For the Sporty Mama

When she's not trotting her tots to baby gymnastics or wheeling her teens away to club volleyball, this Mama spends her extra hours working up a sweat herself at SoulCycle or PureBarre. Always outfitted on the sportier side of athleisure and packing the newest QuestBar flavors everywhere she goes, this mom-on-the-move deserves something to help her get her glow on this Mother's Day.
Maybe she's looking to wind down after a busy day with the mental exercise of the Enchanted Forest Coloring Book, by Johanna Basford, accompanied by a refreshing drink from a new Contigo water bottle. Or, maybe she's trying to get her heart rate up on her rest days, with a thriller like The Girl on the Train, by Paula Hawkins, with some comfy Zella 'Live In' Leggings on the couch. But maybe PureBarre has made her a ballerina babe: try Life in Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina, by Misty Copeland!

For the Momager

She's like a master mix of Michelle Obama and Reese Witherspoon - with an emphasis on the "master" part - and makes early commutes and office meetings look oh-so good. Maybe she's born with it, or maybe it's the Starbucks, MAC products, the perfect asymmetrical bob... and a sensible pair of Sam Edelmen flats she keeps under her desk. Doesn't she deserve a work break this Mother's Day?
Shift her perspective on all those strangers sharing her morning commute, by drawing on the stories within Humans of New York Stories, by Brandon Stanton. This busy mom doesn't have much spare time for lengthy reflections, but she can definitely handle a "One Sentence a Day" journal, and she can't read every recommended title, but one of the best of 2015 will surely do, with Fates and Furies, by Lauren Groff! Of course, she can carry all this new print material in her roomy new Madewell Shopper Tote, and factor in some time for them all in her new Whitney English 'Day Designer' Planner!

For the Sweety Mama

The only thing this sugar-cookie fairy knows better than her kids and her kitchen, is her way around a PTA bake sale. Spending her Saturdays trying out that new Friendship Bread starter she found on Pinterest, and prepping for her turn to bring snacks to Book Club meetings on Sunday, this Mama deserves something just as sweet as she is this Mother's Day.

A gushy romance like Me Before You, by JoJo Moyes, is sure to check her sweet tooth, while Milk Bar Life cookbook, by Christina Tosi, will give her plenty of inspiration for her next marathon of sweets. Cherryvale Farms baking mixes leaves her plenty of time left over to admire her new Kate Spade kitchen accessories, while Celebrate, by Lauren Conrad stirs up new ideas for the next big neighborhood party.

For the Seattle Mama! (Again!)

Of course, my favorite kind of Mama would have to make a return trip for this installment of Mother's Day celebrations! She's probably been eyeing another Glassybaby to add to her abundant collection, or looking forward to spending brunch with you at Tom Douglas' Lola downtown, but why not gift her with something that speaks of the city she loves most, right from the person she loves most!
Factor in some neighborhood foodie favorites with A Boat, a Whale and a Walrus cookbook, by Renee Erickson, but make sure to leave some flowers from Pike Place Market and a selection of Seattle Chocolates by her bedside, too! She'd also probably enjoy some recent Seattle-based titles, like Your Heart is a Muscle the Size of Your Fist, by Sunil Yapa, or The Boys in the Boat, by Daniel James Brown.

What are you getting the important lady in your life this Mother's Day? Let me know, in the comments below!

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