Thursday, October 23, 2014

College Fashion Link Up: Sleepy Hollow

Alright, so to answer the question that many who know me well began to ask as soon as they saw the title of my most recent College Fashion article - Did I blatantly use my position as a contributor for College Fashion as an excuse to pimp out one of my Fall favorites?- I answer with a resounding, "You bet I did!"

It's one of my favorite television shows on right now, and it's one of my favorite Halloween movies (no, not the Time Burton one, ya lunk, the Disney musical short!), so why wouldn't I have good reason to make this year's spook-tastic holiday-themed article based around one of the best baddies to ever hit American Literature: The Headless Horseman, and Washington Irving's "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow"! 

I mean, it also helps that it's the perfect example of one of my favorite literary movements: Romanticism, with its naturalistic elements and focus on the supernatural, with Gothic literature also falling under its umbrella, makes for the perfect kind of reading material to match with this gloomy Seattle weather. While I'm wasting away studying for midterms as the rain starts leaking through the ceilings of our old Sigma Kastle, at least I've still got one better than that superstitious, flighty Ichabod Crane!

Here's a sneak peek of the article, integrating the spooky characteristics of that good ol' Headless Hessian, into a look that's chock full of riding basics and fall knits, but short one missing head! 

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