Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Bookish Things That I'd Like to Own (That Aren't Books)

"Top Ten Tuesday" is a weekly countdown meme, hosted by the Broke and the Bookish! 

This week's "Top Ten Tuesday" topic satisfies both the bookworm and the aesthete not-so-easily hidden inside me, by making a veritable shopping list of all the pretty nerdy things I want to own. But first, let's start off with one I only recently acquired...

1. A BRAND SPANKIN' NEW KINDLE PAPERWHITE. If only I could capture a decent picture of this majestic being, in its new and comfortable habitat of always-and-constantly-at-my-side. Originally a present for my mother, seeing her off on a trip to Japan, she opted instead for my old-school Kindle Touch, trading with me, which is why I now am in possession of the pretty pretty shiny shiny. 

But if you give a book-starved sorority girl a Kindle, she's going to want to buy it 2. A GORGEOUS NEW JONATHON ADLER KINDLE COVER (see more options here). 
Jane Eyre Book Scarf

And if you give a book-starved sorority girl a cute new Kindle Cover, she's going to want to find a means of accessorizing it with 3. BOOK SCARVES FROM ETSY. (find more options here.) 

Womens CAT sweatshirt Flying Books raglan pullover American Apparel (sm med lg )And if you give a book-starved sorority girl a chic book scarf from Etsy, she'll want some 4. OUT OF PRINT 
to pair it with. (see the collections here.) 

George Bernard Shaw quote laser engraved flaskAnd it only makes sense to pair those same super cute shirts with some super cuddly 5. BOOK SWEATSHIRTS FROM ETSY, amirite?

And if you give a book-starved sorority girl so many cute new clothes, she's going to want to wear them when she goes out. And while she's already going to be the nerdiest girl in any fraternity gentleman's basement she frequents, this George Bernard Shaw 6. BOOK FLASK will help drive the message home.

Other than those few things, I don't think my wardrobe needs all that much of a boost. My desk could probably use a bit of a makeover, though, which makes some 7. VINTAGE BOOKENDS from eBay and these adorable 8. NANCY DREW-WRAPPED PENCILS  sound like just the thing to spruce up for Spring.

Being in possession of 9. THE COMPLETE HARRY POTTER MOVIE COLLECTION wouldn't hurt, either. And speaking of HP, here's my number ten Bookish Thing I'd Like to Own:

10. A TIME TURNER. Because, let's be real: its origins and intended personal potential use are inherently tied to use, so it totally counts. I just want more time to read, guys.

What were your Top Ten? 

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