Thursday, April 24, 2014

College Fashion Post Link Up: Weetzie Bat

When attempting to find a source of inspiration for my most recent blog post, I experienced a bit of a conundrum in terms of what book about which I would write... mainly because I felt completely unmotivated to read anything new. I was tired of tackling YA, which, though most popular with the College Fashion readers, was a little redundant with its themes and characterizations. I wanted something out of the box, that would also ideally not take me so long to read, and maybe would introduce some of my more seasoned readers to something they hadn't read before (because I'm a humanitarian like that).

Flipping through my Pinterest boards - as I am wont to do not only when seeking inspiration, but basically at every other point in the day, as well, because let's face it, social media is my life - I stumbled across an old editorial from 2010, from LA screen-print-clothing-company-turned-hipsterwear-juggernaut Wildfox Clothing, who had taken inspiration from '90s fictional fashion maven Weetzie Bat, from Francesca Lia Block's book series of the same name. And there it was: inspiration stared me straight in the face, with its platinum blonde bangs and pink tutu skirt. Weetzie Bat became my muse, and I am so, so happy with how this post turned out.

It's not one of my most popular... maybe even one of my least, comments-wise. Primarily due to subject matter, it seems: I must confess, Weetzie is a little more of Rookie Mag's bag than College Fashion, but I also think that's one of the reasons why I like the post so much. In the end, Weetzie's offbeat styling and  verve for everything she encounters was just what I needed to break through this reading slump, so even if this post wasn't one of the most loved, at least I'm not burnt out on love triangles and a sixth grade reading level anymore.

So, check out my College Fashion article detailing Weetzie's history and style right now! And just in case you needed any further prompting, here's a quick preview of my favorite look of the article, based off of the many characters with whom Weetzie finds herself sharing a house:

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