Sunday, September 1, 2013

Coming Attractions: September

{Media coverage for the Inaugural Daffodil Festival Military Parade, in which I was all-too-happy to participate; a pic of the gorgeous Seattle Center fountain during a day trip; Scaring up some good fun, as Pierce County Libraries took over the Point Defiance Zoo, to celebrate the culmination of their summer reading challenge} 

It's almost hard for me to believe, that today, I'm following the yellow brick road all the way back to the Emerald City, when it feels like I've only just remembered that there's no place like home. Wizard of Oz references aside, I really am feeling some early-onset nostalgia for my beautiful Tacoma, my family, my hometown friends (and Festival, of course). I love my home - and my hometown, too - and even the excitement of heading back to my friends at my second home, the Sigma Kappa Castle at UW, isn't cutting it right now.

Thankfully, there won't be much time for moping. Starting now, I'm staring down the barrel of three weeks of frenetic activity - from Work Week (preparing for Panhellenic Recruitment), to Panhellenic Recruitment, to Bid Week (recovery period after Panhellenic Recruitment) - and I'll barely have time to remember my own name, regardless of my home address. Subsequently, you may see posts slowing down a bit during this period of time. However, that doesn't mean that I don't have anything already lined up for you while I'm gone, including...
  • A College Fashion article link-up, with a hilarious, sexy recent release, perfect for the college girl
  • Tips on how to style and shape a condensed, but no less cute, dorm room bookshelf
  • Indisputable truth that, just like our apples, Washingtonian mystery writers are always the sweeter choice! 
  • Not to mention more "Top Ten Tuesdays," breaking news in book world, and new reviews for some of the coolest reads that packed my summer schedule! 
So, just because I'm gone, it doesn't mean that you won't be thinking about me. I'd like to think that the same could be said for me in Tacoma. 

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