Monday, September 30, 2013

Coming Attractions: October

{Rejoining my Sigma Kappas just in time to take part in the Seattle Walk to End Alz; Recharging from Recruitment with a great best friend date at Rainforest Cafe; Saying hello to fall with a warm cup of tea and some sweet treats} 

After all the zaniness that was September over here in the Greek Community, it looks like life is finally starting to settle down here at the University of Washington. Seattle weather is getting gray and muddled, just as it should be, sweater + boot combos are once again the student fashion de rigueur, and the biggest difficulty I'm going to be having this Quarter is deciding which of my classes is my favorite. Everything is turning out just fine

Still, that doesn't mean that the advent of the school year isn't bringing its own special brand of chaos back my way. We're back to professor-prescribed reading and writing, sorority functions, leadership opportunities, and applying to majors... not to mention College Fashion and making sure my family back in Tacoma hears from me every once in a while. I've forgotten how difficult finding time to read has always been during the school year! However, I can assure you that I'm trying my best. In fact, here's some of what I've got planned for the coming month of October: 
  • Two great College Fashion link ups: a classic literary masterpiece that may surprise you, perfect for the blustery weather, as well as a favorite terrifying tale, perfect for the upcoming Halloween season! 
  • A rundown of some of my favorite seasonal reading for autumn, with my Fall Favorites list!
  • Indisputable truth that, just like our apples, Washingtonian mystery writers are always the sweeter choice! (I promise, it was worth the wait.) 
  • Not to mention more "Top Ten Tuesdays" (including one tomorrow!), breaking news in book world, and new reviews for some cool reads keeping me cozy in the chilly fall weather! 
So don't worry. Once I manage to extricate myself from this mountain of homework that's already beginning to pile up, I'll make sure to update the blog every once in a while! 

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