Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Savannah's Back-to-School Shopping for Bookworms

Even though there's still a little bit of August left for most of us, before school and homework and rain and Fall come to claim us yet again, everyone knows that it's prime time for back-to-school shopping, and, most importantly, Fall fashion (yes, I can say "most importantly," because I write for a fashion website, remember?). 

Inspired by my increasingly frequent trips to Target, H&M, Nordstroms, Sephora, and thrift shops all around my beloved Tacoma, I decided to compile a list of the top ten necessary items for back-to-school shopping for my fellow bookworms

1. The Cozy Cardi - perfect for all the time you'll be spending in drafty libraries on campus.  Aeropostale, $35.
2. The Knitted Beret - to hide yesterday's bed hair, so you can read tomorrow's big title. Charlotte Russe, $8.
3. Under-eye Concealer - for covering up the evidence of last night's cram session (or trip to Mordor. No judgement here). Sephora, $24.
4. The Messenger Bag - for carrying loads of books across the Quad. Tillys, currently sold out.
5. Hair Ties - for keeping your hair out of your face while you're reading. Pink Mascara, $14.
6. A Good Planner - to schedule more reading time into your suddenly-busy-again life. Target, $8.
7. Out of Print Clothing tees - Wear your heart on your sleeve, and your favorite book on your shirt. I really shouldn't have to sell you guys on this prospect. Out of Print Clothing, $28.
8. Two-In-One Lip & Cheek Stain - to allow for more reading time in your already-busy mornings. Sephora, $30.
9. Boyfriend Jeans - for loose and lazy lounging with a good book on a chilly afternoon. Aeropostale, $25.

...and Number 10. The Perfect Fall Novel!

10A. Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen. I read this book every Fall, just because I feel like while Summer is built for Americana, Autumn and Winter are designed for British Classics. Any classics fan or romance lover is, at some point or another, destined to read -and subsequently, fall in love with - this book.
10B. Crown of Midnight, Sarah J. Maas. Probably the most-anticipated release of August (it comes out on the 27th), I won't be able to read it until later in September, due to sorority-Recruitment-related activities. And it's totally killing me.
10C. Bitter River, Julia Keller. Another soon-to-be-released, but here's the coup: I have an ARC! Expect a review coming up on the blog shortly, and chances are, it's going to be good words, based on what I've heard of it so far.
10D. Brooklyn Girls, Gemma Burgess. I'm in the middle of this novel right now, and I'm pretty sure that there's going to be a permanent indent on my floor, due to how many times my jaw has hit it at this point. And I'm only on page 30! This book is hilarious.

Well, that concludes my list of Back to School Shopping for Bookworms. What's in your shopping cart for back to school? What great books are you looking forward to reading this Fall?

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