Thursday, August 1, 2013

Coming Attractions: August

{A bedside snapshot of my vacation reading material, A new book-themed book bag from Out of Print Clothing I picked up at a local bookstore, A shout out to my hometown from within the pages of Sunset magazine}

And so it was that all that we had originally predicted, indeed, came to pass: summer was slipping through my hands like sand at the beach, melting away like a Fudgesicle laid out in the sun, burning out like the dying embers of a campfire, speeding away like my younger sister on her new bicycle along the trails in Sunriver Resort, Oregon, within the boundaries of which the fam and I are currently safely deposited. That's right, I'm on vacation, and yet, all I can do is watch the minutes tick by before those same free hours are gone for good. 

We'll have to cram as much fun as possible into the next 31 days, then, before I'm mustered up back at Sigma Kappa at the University of Washington for Formal Fall Recruitment! This month, I've got a lot planned for Playing in the Pages, including...
  • The big reveal of a blogging secret I've been keeping for the past two months! 
  • The return of "The Novel and the Movie" showdown with a popular new title! 
  • Some fun ideas for Back-to-School shopping for bookworms! 
  • and Maybe even some changes in format and theme for the blog! 

And, of course, there will always be more reviews, more Top Tuesday posts, and more reasons for me to keep on reading! So keep on coming back throughout August, so you can see what  I do with the remainder of my summer months. 

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