Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Revolving Doors and Apologies

Do you remember your first encounter with a revolving door?
You know there's only one way out... and yet, as you try to reach the exit, the momentum builds, and you find yourself shunted back into the cycle. But you can only go forward, and the uneasiness and claustrophobia you feel drives you only faster and faster, until you have two options: continue on in this breakneck cycle until you eventually break the barriers of space and time, or lose yourself to the merciless battery of the door, refusing to care about how hard it bruises, when it punishes you for failing.

Eventually, a caring adult will stick their arm in the opening, and pull you out of your misery. Nevertheless, you are left embarrassed and frustrated, and determined to do better next time.

I'm stuck in a revolving door, guys, with a metal frame of schoolwork, and glass paning of other obligations. It's only a matter of time 'til I start getting smacked around by it all, so I have to buckle down and pay attention in my classes for the rest of the week until our four-day weekend comes Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, this busy schedule has prevented me from reading anything new... however, I do promise that the post I will write this weekend will show you something I've never done on the blog before!

So, what I'm saying is, wait me out. While I'm screaming and running in a circle inside my sideways-hamster-wheel, you can be the bemused adults waiting outside on the street, patiently observing the five-year-old's panic attack, and remembering times back when you were the same.

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