Friday, January 20, 2012

Looking Over the Frozen World

Believe me or not, that was a tree. Now, it's a broken, fallen treecicle.

A bench in our backyard, toting more icicles than I've ever seen before.

One seriously rebellious plant, shining green through it's slick ice coating.

So that's what's going on in my backyard right now, as Washington experiences one of the worst snowstorms in decades. My mom has been stuck in Seattle since Wednesday, and we haven't had school at all this week.

Of course, the majority of teachers gave us homework schedules in advance, so it's not like I've been completely out of work, or anything.

While I have been able to do some reading within the past week, it was not to the extent I would have liked, and to be perfectly honest, I don't really know how to discuss some of the things I read (like The Help, which I'm sort of torn over). Further issues with the workings of my Kindle have also prevented me from getting anything new, which is pretty infuriating.

So, I'm just taking the opportunity to take a breather, and get some thoughts in order. This would also explain the fact that the 200+ (not even joking. I counted.) magazines that used to take up residence in my room have been reduced to the most current issues, and a pile of ink-and-paper carcasses from which I have ripped out my fave pages, which makes me feel a little less like I'm going to wind up on Hoarders when I get older.

But yes, I'm sorry I'm leaving you hanging a little longer. Just let me thaw.

PS. Just so you know, before the break, we started reading PRIDE AND PREJUDICE in our APEng class! Hooray! Unfortunately, we have to do reading logs for it, which bums me out because you have to keep taking breaks from this masterpeice, to write out a page of quotes that "further the plotline, provide character insight, or have interesting information in regards to the time period in which the novel took place." Gag. Besides, I always end up forgetting which section we're reading, so I hop around among the chapter bits, and get confused on which log I'm working on. To prevent this from happening anymore, I made myself some color-coded bookmarks: green, for the start of the chapter section, and red, for it's end (like a traffic light). For decoration, I added two of my fave P&P quotes as well. Cute, and helpful. :)

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  1. You could always hold court on the literary merits of The Walking Dead graphic novel, series one. I know that you picked up my b-day gift and devoured it like one of the hungry undead before I got to it.