Sunday, October 31, 2010

October Post Failure :(

I am so sorry, but the Nightmare Novels posting to celebrate October and Halloween seems to have been a bust. In the end, I only got the chance to read about 3 novels, because life has just been so overloaded this month!

First of all, its my bday month. Which does, indeed, take up a lot of my time and thought process (I'm one of those completely weirdo kids that enjoys indexing their bday list to the point of ridiculousness). So I celebrated, and definitely ignored my reading obligations in the process.

Secondly, school has been mental. For instance, at least an hour of every single day of the past two weeks has been spent working on an essay of some kind. In short: monumentally lame. But it could be worse: I'm only taking AP English and AP US History, but my friends are taking AP Chem as well. So, I could be in their shoes, which would probably be very tight and uncomfortable.

Anyways, Happy Halloween! Hopefully your month has been more fruitful than mine. Eat some candy, and don't smash anyone's pumpkins. Because that would be mean.

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