Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday: My 2018 Reading Resolutions ( + Non-Bookish Ones, Too!)

"Top Ten Tuesday" is a weekly bookish meme, now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl!

We're officially two weeks into the new year, so hopefully you're all still holding strong with your New Year's Resolutions for 2018! I'm a book ahead of schedule on Goodreads, I've already started reorganizing my TBR shelving, and I've got a good feeling about all of the embroidery supplies that I inherited from my grandmother at Christmas (despite, of course, having never embroidered before).

So you understand why I was so excited to see that today's Top Ten Tuesday theme was to list out your 2018 reading goals and resolutions! While I've got plenty of bookish challenges already set for myself in the coming year, there are some non-bookish ones I'm pretty excited about, too. We've still got about 50 weeks left to see whether they'll truly stand the test of time, but I'm heading into the new year with a lot of optimism.


1. Goodreads goal: 55 new books!
I thought a lot about how I would set my Goodreads Challenge in 2017, and the same is true for 2018. With a count of 55 books, I'm able to challenge myself within the scope of genres and length, while also still making time to read things that "don't count," like online articles and magazines, and I get plenty of leeway with how time-intensive I want my reading material to be. 

2. Reread the entire Harry Potter series
You've already seen it mentioned on the blog last week, but yes, 2018 will be My Year With Harry! As a preteen, this series was sometimes the only reading material I'd pursue for months on end - choosing to reread the various books back-to-back instead of trying anything new - but I haven't approached it again since the last movie came out. It's time to reacquaint myself with the wizarding world!

3. Get at least 25 books off of my TBR shelves
It's true, I have a full bookcase on one side of my room whose various shelves are each dedicated to stacks of books in every genre that I haven't actually gotten around to reading yet. I still have over 70 titles left on them, so I'm trying to knock that number down as much as possible, while still making time for library checkouts and new purchases!

4. Find a better way to store my books
You know that TBR bookcase I just mentioned? It's one of four total that occupy my room... and each of them is in a similar state of disrepair from constant shelving and reshelving. I need to go through my mini-library once and for all, and set them straight! And, of course, add in the fairy lights I've been dying to use as decor.

5. Donate books that I don't read / have no interest in reading
Let's face it: there are just some books that can only sit on your TBR for so long, before you're forced to confront the ugly truth: you're never going to read it, are you? Better to give it a chance with someone who will.


6. My 52 Rule: make and try 52 new things
It's a lofty challenge, but one I felt comfortable setting for myself after a lot of careful deliberation. I'm calling it my "52 Rule": that in 2018, I have to either make or try 52 things that I've never experienced before. That's one new thing for every week of the year, which makes this otherwise difficult goal totally doable!

7. Take more classes - sewing, cooking, yoga
Things you realize about yourself only once you've graduated from higher education? That you really, really like learning. And you miss it... like, a lot. Time to do some things I've never done before, and get better at that which I only kind of know now!

8. Be more purposeful with my clothing
It's no secret that - unless it's for reading material - I absolutely hate shopping. But those days of endless black tee shirts and leggings-as-pants are over! Let's be real: between donating things that will never fit, and throwing out that which is old and riddled with holes, I feel like I can clear out nearly a third of my wardrobe.

9. Craft an environment I'm happy to live in
As a serious homebody, my everyday landscape hardly generates inspiration. However, in the past year, I've learned that even shifting the layout of your room can do wonders to make it feel more purposeful and inviting. Though the space I have control over might not be very large, I can still make it energizing and uplifting, with new decor, art, and furniture that makes me feel happy and comfortable.

10. Eat more fresh produce every day
I'm a notorious fruit-hater and perpetual critic of salads, who was raised with a "eat what's in the house" scavenger mentality, always being the kid tasked with cleaning out the pantry. Because of this, I don't usually get my 3-to-5s a day of the fresh-grown stuff. I'm trying to fix that!

What's in your Top Ten? Let me know, in the comments below!


  1. Donating your old books is a wonderful idea. I've found so many new-to-me titles by browsing through secondhand stores.

    Here is our Top Ten Tuesday.

  2. I'm seeing lots of people wanting to reread Harry Potter this year. I need to do that sometime especially since I have the first three illustrated editions.

  3. I want to reread Harry Potter this year as well, it's been so long!
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  4. I need to reread the Harry Potter series too! I need to get those reviews out!

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    Ronyell @ Rabbit Ears Book Blog