Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Glossy Girl: Why I'll Always Love Magazines

About a week ago, Jamie over at The Broke and the Bookish recently had a post that got me thinking about how my love of reading is reflected in the material I consume, in discussing how her love of magazines has fallen to the wayside since becoming a more dedicated book reader. It made me reflect on my own relationship and past with magazines... and after I posted a nearly post-length comment on her post myself, I decided, why not discuss it on my own blog, too?

I have been a voracious magazine reader for almost my entire life, starting when I was just a kid, and subscribed to American Girl magazine for what was probably an abnormal amount of time. I hit my magazine consuming peak for a little less than two years of high school, during which I had seven concurrently running subscriptions to various magazines (If you must know: Teen Vogue, Seventeen, Lucky, Nylon, National Geographic, Popular Science, and Cooking Light!).

If you noticed that four out of those seven subscriptions were fashion magazines, then you've discovered the passion that reigned for quite a lot of my life. For a long time I thought I was going to grow up to be an editor for a national fashion magazine, with Lucky being my absolute favorite (RIP). This passion for fashion was one of the many reasons I started writing for College Fashion back in my freshman year, and why I stayed there for two full years!

However, while I'm always going to be a sucker for the topics I read about - fashion, culture, science, and food! - I've definitely fallen out of the habit, due to several factors, including how much the habit costs, and just not having the time in my college student schedule.

Additionally, one of the reasons I loved magazines was because they were a portal to another world... and I didn't have a laptop until a little later on in my life, procuring one during the latter half of high school. Now, I can pursue my loves for all of those fave subjects online: you can chart a direct correlation between my growing disinterest in magazines with the growing list of blogs I used to follow, scribbled in the back of a composition notebook. With the development of Pinterest, those alternative options were only more abundant!

I've recently started picking up mags again, at a local newsstand that is pretty iconic up at UW, called Bulldog News (which also boasts a pretty great cafe!). Additionally, I'm also working with magazines in my Capstone class for English - charting the rise of the modernist perspective through the proliferation of periodicals during that time - while I'm considering making magazines the focus for another English class, as well!

Still, whenever I need a little bit of inspiration, a quick gift for a friend, or just something to tear apart for a craft project, magazines are there for me, and we've had a pretty long and involved history together, too. I honestly really like the idea of getting back into my glossy and glorious printed passion. 

Do you read magazines often? Which ones are your favorites? Let me know, in the comments below!


  1. Bulldog news has been around forever. Love that place. Used to pick up Filmmaker, Moviemaker and Video Maker (which I wrote a few articles for) there. Also a great variety if newspapers there of course.

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