Friday, January 1, 2016

2015, By the Numbers

Finally, it's here! 2016, the start of a new year, the end of an old one, and the beginning of three months of me still writing "2015" at the top of my school assignments. 

While I'm trying to clean up, clear out, and crack open my planner to the first page, I decided to take stock of some of the reading habits I exercised in the duration of the past year. It's been a bit of a doozy for me: I not only beat my Goodreads Challenge for 2015 - topping my goal of 75 with a solid 79, officially my biggest reading year ever! - I also managed to stick to my 2015 Resolution for the entire year! That's right... I officially spent an entire year of my life without buying any new books for myself, aside from the 5 I used to celebrate my 5th Blog Anniversary

While there will be plenty of posts in the coming week or two about achieving those goals - from what I learned from my self-imposed book buying-ban, to my Resolutions for the new year, to what exactly that beautiful planner I mentioned is going to look like - I thought I'd take a breather, and make some time to reflect first. 

So, gaze upon my reading achievements this past year, with my official stats, helped along by Goodreads' Year in Books

A lot of habits taking notice of, here... like how the books I slaved over for school still helped me beef out my Challenge, but that I loved reading nonfiction besides them, anyways, or how I am, holistically, a high rater (glancing through my titles for the year, I definitely would change the scores I gave a couple of them!). But through everything - from my significant average page count, to the cornucopia of fiction of all genres I still enjoy reading - I am super proud of what I was able to read this year! 

What did your reading year look like? Did you beat your Goodreads Challenge? Let me know, in the comments below! 

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