Sunday, November 1, 2015

No, No NaNo : Why I'm Not Taking Part in NaNoWriMo this Year

(Alternatively titled, "I Hate Everything: Senior Year is a Trap.")

So, at the stroke of midnight this past evening, with all of the witches and sexy cats and pun-based, indecipherable costumes making their ways back home - all of the freshman Cinderellas looking for the shoes they kicked off when they found it was nearly impossible to dance in heels on a sticky fraternity basement's floor - it no longer was Halloween, but the First of November. 

And y'all know what that means.

Most NaNo devotees were clearing their desks of candy wrappers and rogue costume props, to settle down at their word processors for a bout of writing that would lead their yearly National Novel Writing Month challenge on a preemptive spree. But alas, I did not.

I am, tragically, too busy for living right now: between a work-heavy class load, the ending of my Panhellenic experience, working three and four shifts a week, sorority events and obligations, and trying to find time to even write for this blog, I will be left as a shell of a human being by Winter Break as is! Besides, I've recently fallen behind on my Goodreads Reading Challenge again - after an 8 book lead this past August! - and I can't risk leaving a month of dead reading time in my wake when I honestly need it most.

Originally, I had toyed with the idea of taking part again, anyways. I mean, I was busy last year, too, but I still found the time, right? It's hard to come off of a win in the challenge, and then just not do anything the following year. I crushed #NaNo14, and I wanted the chance to prove my mettle at the hands of the writing gods again! I want another tee shirt, dammit!

However, after considering all possible outcomes of participating this year - on one hand, I'd lose, because I just wouldn't have enough time, and on the other, unlikelier hand, I might win, and thereby allow my other obligations to fall to the wayside and still come out a loser - I've decided I officially can't do it. 

And thusly, I am rendered moribund. *deep sigh*

My NaNoWriMo track from last year:

Anyone else out there with a huge case of NaNo FOMO? Let's talk about it! 

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