Thursday, March 20, 2014

Let Me Begin My Three-Part Apology By Saying That I Think You're a Wonderful Human

I have been totally MIA for the past couple of weeks, and, yes, the title of this post is definitely a quote from Zombieland. Both for good reason, and not unrelated, either. Let me explain...

So, during the last few weeks of the quarter, the always lovely University of Washington became a sort of beautiful hell, as the cherry blossoms in the Quad finally came into bloom, and I realized that unless I took some sort of drastic action, I would be receiving a 0.0 in my Informatics class. Shocking and unlike me, I know. That's basically what my parents said to me when I informed them of my scholarly shortcomings. Then, of course, they reminded me that I had to get my butt in gear, or I'd not only majorly screw over my GPA, but I'd also be stricken from social activities and placed on Academic Probation for my sorority if I couldn't muster more than a 2.8 GPA. So, essentially, the culmination of the quarter drew a cumulative "Buck Up, Buttercup" from everyone to whom I complained about it.

Unfortunately, in an effort to catch up in my studies, I was forced to lay some things to the wayside... such as the blog. And reading for fun, in general. 

It was really, really difficult to go from posting every day, to not only not posting at all, but not having any kind of fiction outside of the graphic novels assigned to my Cultural Studies class to grease up the pressure valve to my over-pressurized brain. It was a very difficult and trying time, but thank goodness, as of yesterday at midnight... I'm finally off the hook with Winter Quarter 2014. The First Day of Spring is what I am now considering as my First Day of Freedom, and the First Day I'm Getting Back to My Blog. However, this little sojourn out of the land of books has taught me a couple of things about the way that I read books, and write about them... things I'll probably be discussing more in-depth in the coming week-and-a-half before school starts up again on the 31st.

Other than that, I have emerged victorious from the end of the quarter, having slain the mighty beast called "INFO 101," and I think I'm the better for it. I've certainly learned the extent of some of my procrastinating abilities, I think (I hope). I'm brain-dead and tired and irritated by the fact that the past couple of days have been so damn sunny and that my sister has my Kindle because she wanted to read Divergent before we see the movie this weekend, but I'm victorious, at the very, very, very least. And now, the least the Universe can do, is send me some great reading material.

(Many, many thanks to the lovely followers who kept checking in here day after day, I owe you all something special. Simply inform me of what that something is, and I'll do what I can. ;)

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