Wednesday, December 4, 2013

College Fashion Post Link Up: Hans Christian Andersen

Well, we're now in the last month of my contributing editorship with College Fashion, and you'd think that I'd be taking this opportunity to really pour a lot of love into these last few posts, right? Unfortunately, Dead Week at the University of Washington doesn't allow for much "free time" to do things like "read books" or "sleep," which means that such luxuries as actually putting Tender Loving Care about what I write is outside the bounds of what I'll be able to do with my life as long as school is still in session. 

Thankfully, I'm taking a Hans Christian Andersen class right now - shout out to the UW Scandinavian department! - and I found inspiration staring me right in the textbook. 
Here's a sneak peek, over to a look inspired by the classic Andersenian classic "The Red Shoes": 
(unfortunately, in rereading the article, I realize that there was incorrect information in the summary of the story itself, and thought I'm 90% sure it was the fault of the person who edited my article, and not me, that doesn't mean that I'm not incredibly guilty and sad about it...:( )

So, click on over to College Fashion by following the link right here, and leave a comment as to how lovely I'm doing with my last few posts! 

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