Thursday, June 14, 2012

Goodbye to Stadium

Reflecting on my travels and my path of education
Past the past four grueling years of my enduring application
To my textbooks, pencils, papers; to my hard work, pains and stresses;
To my teachers; to twenty-four golden Daffy dresses.
My FOUR years, my THREE siblings, my TOO short time spent here
All add up to ONE school - Stadium - I'll always hold near
To my heart, 'cuz in my history, this landscape served to be
The place where I found what it meant to simply just be me.
So as I take the further step, to Seattle now I go,
Stadium's imprint on my heart and mind will surely show.
I've traveled down a treacherous path - high school's tough terrain -
And I emerge with stronger self and even stronger brain.
So after years of obeying a Public School Board's laws
I feel - now that we've reached the end - we all deserve applause!
Hip hip hooray! Three Cheers for the Tigers! Forever stands the castle!
I say goodbye - a fond farewell - and now, I flip the tassel!

Congratulations to the Stadium High School Graduates of 2012! I won't ever forget the wonderful time I've spent with you. Best luck and wishes for the future!

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