Thursday, December 1, 2011


Another problem with the Kindle Touch? I can't lay out the book covers in a line to show you what I've been reading. Oh, well. I still love it.

Anyways, I would have posted earlier, but unfortunately, college app deadlines prevented me from doing so. However, this isn't a sob post about how busy I am. In fact, I HAVE TURNED IN ALL OF MY COLLEGE APPS!!! Except for one, which isn't due until January. But I'm not worried about that right now. I'm more concentrated on enjoying the Christmas season.

And my new Kindle Touch.
Which I've still decided I kind of hate, but it's just so wonderful I can't say it out loud.

On this wonderful new device, I managed to read three books over the Thanksgiving Break. I didn't really like one book of them enough for it to warrant it's own post; however, I did enjoy them all. Just some more than others. So out of the three, I'll rank them for you (#1 being the best, #2 being the worst):

#1. (or my #13 for my goal)
Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) from Mindy Kaling
Confession time: I really don't enjoy the Office television series. This makes me the one, singular person in my family who doesn't watch it. They make fun of me for it. Mainly, because they all know the reason I can't stand it: I hate awkward or uncomfortable situations, and frequently leave the room during these sections of TV shows or movies, which, for the Office, is practically every five minutes. Anyways, even though I don't like the show, I loved this book, written by one of the stars and writers, Mindy Kaling (aka Kelly Kapoor). This carefully-curated collection of memories, reflecting on her life, was awesomely funny. Another reason I enjoyed it may be that I could draw so many parallels between our lives, which may be taken as either good, or weird. Anyways, I think I'd like to be her best friend.

#2. (my #14)
Anna & the French Kiss from Stephanie Perkins
To all of the other book bloggers out there who claimed that this novel was completely mis-titled, I concur. What originally looked like nothing but the fluffiest of girlish unicorn marshmallow-goo reading material, was actually pretty solid. I don't have much experience reading teen romance, but this one was pretty cute. I liked it. While not all of us can relate to the experience of having your ultra-rich poser writer Dad having you sent to boarding school in Paris for your senior year, and while there, meeting a really wonderful guy who unfortunately already has a girlfriend, but nevertheless, embarking on strange/crazy/fun nighttime Paris adventures with him, and pushing through problems between friends to end happily ever after, Perkins made the book kind of relatable, and Anna, an interesting (if slightly melodramatic) character.

#3. (my #15)
The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky
Want to know the real reason behind reading this book? It wasn't the fact that many other friends have read it and liked it. It also wasn't the fact that even our school librarian has recommended it to me. It is simply because it is being made into a movie... a movie that just so happens to star just a handful of my favorite actors/actresses in the whole wide world (Emma Watson Nina Dobrev Logan Lerman Mae Whitman). Which is why, even though I thought the book wasn't as great as everyone hyped it up to be, I will still be seeing the movie. I just didn't find the coming-of-age story of an emotionally- and mentally-damaged freshman very interesting. Or pleasant. I don't know, maybe it's just tying back to the whole "uncomfortable" thing. I mean, I mostly read books for pleasure - because they're mentally or emotionally stimulating - and if the entire book is just awkward to read, then it really isn't a pleasurable experience for me. But it was okay, and everyone else I know seems to love it, so go ahead.

That's it for me so far this week. The rest of my free time has been taken up by applications, but now that those are done with and squared away, maybe I'll just take sometime to indulge in the luxury of being able to do my homework. And maybe I'll make some Christmas cookies, too. :)

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