Saturday, February 26, 2011

Save Me, Nancy Drew

Despite numerous attempts to accomplish something fun - like, for instance, write a blogpost - certain things keep getting in the way. And when it comes to crossing rivers on the road to doing something interesting with my free time, it seems that school is around the width of el Rio de la Plata.

Of course, school has always been a problem of mine (regardless of the fact that I actually enjoy learning, I hate having such a limited spectrum of knowledge to pursue). Addition, for instance, got in the way of the Magic Treehouse. The Butterfly's cycle of life obstructed my pursuit of the My Side of the Mountian series. The capitols of the United States refused to budge for the Chronicles of Narnia (and while the capitols have, in the majority, passed from my memory, I can still name every title in the Narnia series, unlike most people). Even school book reports and reading logs manage to turn wonderful books into terrible ones, and terrible ones into horrendous ones. I understand that sometimes you have to force vegetables into the mouth of a stubborn child, but overfeeding a willing and hungry mouth with broccoli, string beans, and kale is plain unforgivable. Seldom do I actually enjoy school assignments.

However, research papers and presentations present a totally opposite viewpoint. These are the kind of projects I set out on, and accomplish, without giving grades a thought. The ones who inspire such passion as to dull the pain of the lowest of marks. However, this power remains useless, seeing as though the enthusiasm that springs forth also brings forth highest-quality work from me. And now, in AP English, we have embarked upon writing a research paper. I am in near constant contentment (only "near constant", because the teacher continues to give out useless assignments while we are supposed to be doing our research, which doesn't help at all).

Anyhow, the assignment is to find an issue, fitting any spectrum of interest, and make an argument out of it (for example, three of the students in my AP Eng. class have been inspired by recent weather-related 2 hour delays, to promote the idea of later school starts for high schoolers). While the majority of my classmates have decided to follow more contemporary issues, such as stem cell research, or recent political decisions, I was set upon pursuing something lying more in the realms of MY interest, than the TEACHER'S. My inspiration was called forth by a recent debate with a friend, after which, I have made it my duty, and my thesis, to prove that Nancy Drew has positively affected women, throughout the decades, since her first publication. So many powerful women credit the intrepid teenage sleuth as the inspiration for their life choices, as proof that they could do something better with their lives than society originally allowed. I would think it ridiculous not to immediately connect Nancy Drew to Women's Empowerment. However, some would disagree, saying that all Nancy inspired women to be were consumers, and the fact that she was still dependent on men made her weak, and whatever. My research paper is the argument that they are wrong, and that Nancy is amazing (which, honestly, isn't much of an argument, in my opinion).

(Quick note: Even if I didn't choose to follow one of my favorite topics, namely children's literature, I would still chosen a topic outside of the realms of most popular acceptance. I.e., another possible topic was whether aliens actually exist, or not; or whether theme parks are worth the strain they put on the environment).

So, I haven't been posting mainly because I've been spending all my reading time going through my project sources. :)

Wish me luck on my research paper!

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