Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Bit About Books and I, a.k.a A Happy Beginning

Reading has always been my main source of entertainment. In elementary school, I remember waking up before the sun, sitting in the corner of the room I shared with my sister and, regardless of the time or whether I was even fully awake, sitting with a flashlight perched on one knee and a book propped up in my hands, transporting myself to an entirely different world until the world I lived in interfered, namely my father coming in to wake us up. In those simpler times, I would tear through a Magic Treehouse or Nancy Drew before I shrugged on my school uniform and ate my Cocoa Krispies. Now, as a high schooler, the reading material has aged as I have, and though I find I am available less and less to enjoy the pasttime which I had previously devoted so much of my life to, I am not above sneaking my well-worn copy of Pride and Prejudice underneath my math desk, or cramming my new copy of Beastly into the crevice in my science notebook. I love the written word, and will always cherish printed books.
Books have always permeated my life, even leaking into some of my other passions, like cooking, or fashion. A breif stint in the sport of fencing may have been caused by books like Treasure Island or Pirates!, and R.L.Stine's Dangerous Girls series coupled with an obsession with Dracula were definitely behind an ill-fated 3 day stint as a wannabe goth in the fifth grade.
I pursue cookbooks by M.F.K. Fisher as voraciously as I do books by Ian Fleming, and I am not a half bad cook (I am actually just an okay, "meh" sort of cook :) ). It is impossible to think of food and not have Alice's tea parties in Wonderland come to mind, as it is impossible to think of gardening and not have the image of Mary, Dickon and Collin playing in their Secret Garden spring into my head. And as I grow older, and read more and more books, more characters seem to crowd my mind and project their stories into the world around me.
Books will always be a part of my life. Through this blog, I will be able to share my thoughts on such things, and hopefully get some good feedback in return. Book recommendations are always welcome, and I look forward to sharing my love of the written word with others, particularly ones my own age. The kids in High School nowadays do read, and I hope that this blog will encourage and invite more to join in on the fun.
And me, I'll always be here to listen. Until next time, I'll just be Playing in the Pages. :)

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